Scientific Research at AQU

The main missions of any university are education and research; thus, preparing well trained, well-educated, skillful graduates who can serve their local and global community and compete with graduates from all over the world for the best work opportunities should be the main goal of Al-Quds University. Evidence-based education is an approach to all aspects of education—from policy-making to classroom practice—where the methods used are based on significant and reliable evidence derived from experiments and credible research. Thus, there is no doubt that research and education are inseparable. Staff and students should be trained in scientific research and allowed to apply what they learned from research in their practice, leadership, development and innovation. In addition, the Scientific Research Deanship at Al- Quds University, help researchers in getting the necessary information about funding opportunities and provide guidance to support their development alongside information on policies and procedures that support high quality research. On the basis of these principles, Al-Quds University has given all the care and attention to the development of scientific research in various fields of knowledge to become a prominent contributor of thought and research at national, regional and global levels.

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