Body and Body Politic in Gaza: Testaments of a New Epoch
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Ageel, G. (2024). Body and Body Politic in Gaza: Testaments of a New Epoch. العلوم الإنسانية والإجتماعية , 1(3), 7. استرجع في من


His body remains detained, much like the numerous bodies of Palestinian detainees whoperished in the confines of Israeli jails and whose remains have been withheld. With-holding bodies is but part of a systematic Israeli policy since 1967. Imprisoning bodies ingraveyards for years after their deaths—whether due to torture, assassination, illness,or dying before completing their prison sentences—is exemplified by the cemeteries ofnumbers.However, Dr. Adnan Al-Bursh is more than just a casualty of Israel’s relentless onslaughtagainst Palestinian civilians. He is one of the hundreds of health workers and thousandsof civil society leaders who were systematically targeted since the slaughter began. SinceOctober 7, 2023, 340 attacks have been launched on healthcare facilities and workers.The healthcare sector has collapsed with only 9 hospitals partially operational, 130 ambu-lances destroyed, and 500 healthcare workers have become martyrs, hundreds injured,and over 310 detained (Jadou, 2024).

حمل ملف الـ PDF (English)