Extraversion type of personality and Facebook: A literature review
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Qassas, N., & Eleyan, D. (2024). Extraversion type of personality and Facebook: A literature review. العلوم الإنسانية والإجتماعية , 1(3), 20. استرجع في من https://aquja.alquds.edu/index.php/arts/article/view/250


This study aims to understand the relationship between Facebook users’ personalities and their usage pat- terns, with a focus on extraversion traits. Despite the growing body of research on this topic, there remains a scarcity of comprehensive literature reviews This research attempts to synthesize literature through a review where 45 studies linked extraversion personality traits to Facebook. Researchers discussed Extra- version and Facebook using various studies between 2015 and 2021 identified with the ELSIEVER engine. The findings of this study spotlight extraversion personality in a marketing and business context, offer- ing insights into potential applications and implications. A conceptual model is proposed to elucidate the role of extraversion in various functional areas of business, including marketing, sales enhancement, pro- motion, and customer engagement. Moreover, this study offers theoretical and practical implications for practitioners and researchers alike, while also providing suggestions for future research and noticed gaps.

حمل ملف الـ PDF (English)